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Carmelo Anthony To 'Chicago Or New York', Says Florida International Coach

Isiah Thomas used to be coach and GM of the New York Knicks, but that hasn’t stopped him from weighing in on the possibility that Carmelo Anthony may be traded away from the Nuggets, a possibility again raised this morning via

Chicago Breaking Sports quotes Thomas:

“I think it will come down to Chicago and New York, whoever can put together the better package,” Thomas told the Tribune on Monday. “I would say that a month ago he wasn’t as open to Chicago as he is now. I think he has given New York enough time to put something together. But I think it will come down to those two cities.”

It doesn’t appear that Thomas has any inside info on Melo, just expressing his opinion. But the article linked above makes it seem as if it’s “when”, not “if”, Melo will be dealt:

The Nuggets still aren’t aggressively shopping Anthony and haven’t withdrawn their longstanding offer of a contract extension, but numerous sources told that Denver officials have in recent days let other teams know for the first time that they will listen to pitches after previously resisting such discussions.

“I’m not sure how soon, but I do think they’re going to trade him [between now and February],” said one rival GM.

Said another source briefed on Denver’s plans: "There’s no doubt they are working on it. Eventually they’re going to pull the trigger. "