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Just How DO You Prounounce "Manumaleuna"?

Week two of football season is upon us. When you were listening to last week's broadcast or when  you were reading abou the win over the Lions online or in the paper, did you wonder how some of the player's names were prounounced? Sure, we all know how to pronounce Devin Hester's name, but what about Robbie Gould? Did you know that even know it's spelled Gould, it's pronounced "Gold"?

Fear no more. We've put a list together a list of player names and how they're prounounced. Now you can sound like an expert without stumbling over names.


Bears Player Pronounciation Key:

Devin Aromashodu (uh-ROME-uh-shuh-do)

Brandon Manumaleuna (Ma-nu-ma-li'u-na)

Johan Asiata (YO-han AH-c-AH-ta)

Frank Omiyale (oh-mee-yell)

Kahlil Bell (kaa-LEEL)

Kevin Shaffer (Shay-fur)

Matt Forte (four-tay)

Pisa Tinoisamoa (peace-uh tino-EE-sah-moe-AH)

Robbie Gould (GOLD)

Matt Toeaina (toe-EE-nuh)

Caleb Hanie (KAY-lub HAY-nee)

Brian Urlacher (err-LACK-er)

Israel Idonije (e-DON-e-jay)

Brian Iwuh (EE-woo)

And let's not forget the coaches: 

Olin Kreutz (kroots)

Bob Babich (BAB-itch)

Patrick Mannelly (MAN-uh-lee) Dave Toub (TOBE)

Danieal Manning (Dan-Yell)