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Report: Chicago Bulls 'Not A Realistic Candidate' For Carmelo Anthony Trade

Ken Berger of CBS Sports writes that the Chicago Bulls, who had been linked to disgruntled Denver Nugget forward Carmelo Anthony, might not be a player in the trade talks after all.

The Bulls are viewed by one source as “not a realistic candidate” due to the team’s unwillingness at this point to include Joakim Noah in the deal. The Bulls and Noah are currently negotiating an extension. The Knicks, Anthony’s first choice, are viewed by rival executives as not having enough assets to entice the Nuggets. New York has Eddy Curry’s $11.3 million expiring contract, promising big man Anthony Randolph, and swingman Wilson Chandler, but the team’s draft-pick cupboard is bare. Adding to the frustration among Nuggets officials, sources say, is that Anthony’s team has been slow to offer a comprehensive list of trade possibilities.

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