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Bears Put Hillenmeyer On Injured Reserve

Bears LB Hunter Hillenmeyer had to leave Sunday’s game with what was termed “an illness”, after also missing the last preseason game for the same reason.. Earlier today he was on the Score saying he was “feeling better”, but late Tuesday the Bears placed him on injured reserve:

“Honestly, I am feeling better,” Hillenmeyer, who declined to disclose the nature of the illness, told “The Mully & Hanley Show” on WSCR-AM 670. “I don’t know exactly the details of all that. You know how Lovie (Smith) is about talking about anything health-related. We’ll leave it at that.”

Smith was no more forthcoming during his news conference Monday, leaving the issue somewhat open-ended.

“Right now, it’s just an illness that he has that we’re evaluating,” Smith said.

It’s not known whether the preseason illness is related to Sunday’s issue.