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Cubs Minor League Team Forfeits Game; Manager Jody Davis Suspended

On Saturday night in Everett, Washington, the short-season Boise Hawks, a Cubs affiliate, were scheduled to play the Everett Aqua Sox (love these minor league team names!). There was a rain delay of an hour and a half, play began, and in the bottom of the first inning, one of the Hawks' outfielders slipped on the warning track.

Hawks manager Jody Davis, a former Cub and Wrigley fan favorite, pulled his team off the field and forfeited the game. Davis felt he was protecting his players, but after the jump, you'll see there's more to this story.

The Boise Hawks website reports that Davis was fined and suspended six games by the Northwest League:

"I don't think we've ever had one of these in the Northwest League," NWL president Bob Richmond said in a phone interview with the Everett Herald on Sunday afternoon. "That's something we just can't put up with. I know his intentions were honorable," he said, who nevertheless likened the manager's actions to a soldier refusing to follow orders. "When you get a (game started) the umpires are essentially the generals and they need to be obeyed. They weren't. That's why the suspension."

The suspension began on Sunday - as Davis was not present for the Hawks 15-4 loss to the Aquasox. Hitting coach, Ricardo Medina, handled the managerial duties.

Boise Hawks president and general manager, Todd Rahr, echoed Richmond's sentiments. "Although Jody's actions were in his best interests for the players, we do not believe in, nor condone, the tactics in which were used that led to the forfeiture of the contest."

As noted above, even Hawks management didn't support Davis' actions. The video below of the incident appears to show a playable field: