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Report: Rudy Fernandez Says Eastern Conference 'Seems Very Attractive'

According to a Twitter message from Madrid-based sportswriter Francisco Rabadan, swingman Rudy Fernandez wants the Portland Trail Blazers to deal him to an Eastern Conference team, though he would not specify whether the Chicago Bulls were among his preferred destinations. Here’s the original message:

he hablado con rudy esta mañana. no sabe nada de su posible traspaso a chicago, pero me da una pista: “el este me parece muy atractivo”

According to my very basic Spanish education, that translates to:

I spoke with Rudy this morning. He doesn’t know anything about his possible trade to Chicago, but he gave me a clue: “the East seems very attractive to me.”

Yesterday, our own Ben Golliver noted that “nothing is imminent” with regard to Fernandez winding up in Chicago. And Al Yellon followed up with a report that said Portland and Chicago might strike a deal by Monday. But with the Knicks signing Roger Mason and the Celtics running out of money and roster spots, Chicago appears to be the most likely destination for Fernandez, if Portland can stomach receiving only combo forward James Johnson and potentially a draft pick in return for their reserve shooting specialist.