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Your Childhood Baseball Heroes Need MLB's Help

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Jimmy Qualls was an obscure member of the 1969 Cubs — he played in only 43 games — but he will be remembered forever for one at-bat: with one out in the ninth inning on July 9, 1969, he singled to break up a Tom Seaver perfect game. (The Mets still don’t have a no-hitter in their history.)


Qualls, though, doesn’t qualify for any MLB pension — and neither do many players from the 1947-1980 era. Pre-1947 and post-1980 players are covered, but according to a new book by Douglas Gladstone, “A Bitter Cup Of Coffee”, nearly 900 former major leaguers have fallen through the cracks, and many need help. MLB has refused to let them into their health plan even if they pay the premiums.


You can meet Douglas Gladstone and discuss his book tonight at 7 pm the Book Cellar, 4736 N. Lincoln in Chicago.