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Rex The Ex Starts, Fumbles... But Wins

Ex-Bear QB Rex Grossman started yesterday's exhibition game for the Washington Redskins. Check out what he did:

Rex Grossman started for Washington, and went 8-of-16 for 111 yards -- no touchdowns, but 2 fumbles. Right after the 2-minute warning, he couldn't handle a shotgun snap that tipped off his hands and bounced into the end zone. The Redskins quarterback kicked the ball out of the back of the end zone for a safety.

This all sounds very familiar. The Redskins won anyway, 16-11, long after "Sexy Rexy" (and has there ever been a less-apt nickname?) was out of the game. He's likely won the 'Skins backup QB job anyway.


Now if only Rex, er, Jay Cutler could stop doing those kinds of things for the Bears.