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Sox, Dodgers To Decide Next Week On Manny

From Chicago Breaking Sports, we learn that news on Manny is no longer “breaking”:

Nothing will happen over the weekend, according to one source familiar with the proceedings, allowing both sides to assess where they are and exactly what they need. The Dodgers, who are five games out of the National League wild card race and play the Rockies this weekend, have the choice of making a deal or pulling Ramirez off waivers and keeping his $4 million-plus salary for the rest of the season.

The teams have until Tuesday to decided, based on the awarding of the waiver claim to the Sox today. The Dodgers start today 5 games out of the NL Wild Card lead, but trail four other teams. They open a series against one of the teams they are chasing, the Rockies, in Denver tonight.

The Sox are not in wild card contention, but are only 3.5 games out of the AL Central lead and take on the Yankees in a three-game series at home starting tonight.