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Multiple Teams Claim Manny On Waivers

Via tweet from SI’s Jon Heyman:

word is, multiple teams actually claimed manny. the question is: who got claim?

This after Heyman wrote earlier that the Sox are no longer “favorites”:

The Rangers, who have been very aggressive under their new owners, were known to be interested. Slugging outfielder Nelson Cruz is hurt, and Ramirez could help replace his production in the lineup, but the Rangers would have to consider playing him in the outfield since they already have Vladimir Guerrero at designated hitter.

The White Sox are no longer the favorites for Manny and the Yankees are out for sure. New York decided they don’t want to add any more older players or DH-types, having already traded for Austin Kearns and Lance Berkman just before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

The Rays, who supposedly were interested, just signed Brad Hawpe to a minor league deal (also from the Heyman article), so presumably they too have dropped out.