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Will Mannywood Be Coming To The South Side?

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the White Sox will claim Manny Ramirez when the Dodgers put him on waivers:

The White Sox, who pursued Ramirez before the non-waiver deadline, will claim him with the intention of acquiring him, according to a major-league source.

The Dodgers have yet to put Ramirez on waivers, but that move is expected as early as Tuesday. National League teams would get the first crack at claiming Ramirez, but none would be expected to take such a step. The White Sox, whose record is the worst of the AL contenders, seemingly would be in good position to win the claim.

In this Tweet, Joe Cowley of the Sun-Times confirms the Sox' interest:

"Ken Williams is pushing all his chips on getting Manny Ramirez," - a major-league source.

Presumably, Manny would become the Sox' full-time DH. He has played in only 62 games this year and has hit only eight home runs, but is still a productive hitter with a triple slash line of .312/.404/.508.

We'll update this StoryStream with further information as it becomes available.