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Bears Break Camp Today

Yesterday was the Chicago Bears last full day of training camp. Today they will get a walk through of what they’ve accomplished and head to Chicago to get ready for their Saturday preseason game against the Oakland Raiders.

These Bears have learned a lot since the first day of camp, said Coach Lovie Smith.

"Every camp is a teaching camp," Smith said. "I think this was one of the more physical camps we’ve had. We’ve gotten a lot of good work in, good contact. We have installed a lot, but we have great teachers out here and there was a lot of teaching going on."

Smith expects to see a great deal of improvement in his players over the first game against San Diego.

"I know we’re a better football team now than the first day we [practiced]," Smith said. "It’s all a part of us getting ready for Detroit [in the regular-season opener]. This next step is important. We should see a big improvement from our first game against San Diego this week."

Bears fans hope he’s right.