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Bears Talking To Matt Gutierrez As Possible Backup QB

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The Bears appear to be getting desperate for a backup; now, according to Brad Biggs in the Tribune, they’re talking to Matt Gutierrez:

Gutierrez, who was with the Kansas City Chiefs last season, was an undrafted free agent from Idaho State. He spent 2007 and 2008 with the New England Patriots. The 26-year-old appeared briefly last season with the Chiefs, throwing one pass in the regular season.

According to Biggs, Gutierrez is familiar with the “Mike Martz offense” because he played for the Chiefs last year. He has thrown two fewer NFL regular season passes than Caleb Hanie (five to Hanie’s seven).

Maybe the Bears should give Brian Griese a call. He was the backup on the Bears’ Super Bowl team in 2006.