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Bears Talk To Todd Collins About Backup QB Slot

The Bears, worried about Caleb Hanie’s shoulder injury and Dan LeFevour’s inexperience, have been talking to various veteran backup quarterbacks, according to Brad Biggs in the Tribune:

A league source told the Tribune the Bears are waiting to hear from Todd Collins, who spent eight seasons playing for the Chiefs and was in Dick Vermeil’s offense, virtually the same one Martz was running in St. Louis at the time. The Bears inquired about another player familiar with the scheme, Trent Green. But the two-time Pro Bowl performer is going to remain committed to broadcast work, his agent Jim Steiner said. The Bears also called Damon Huard and he told them he is retired.

New offensive coordinator Mike Martz has been seeking a veteran backup since he was hired; while Hanie has some promise, his NFL experience consists of seven pass attempts in three games. Collins would provide experience, and has spent much of his NFL career as a backup, so is accustomed to that role.