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Brian Urlacher: 'I Want To Show Everyone I'm Back'

ESPN Chicago today ran this profile of Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher in which he says he wants to show the world all the hard work he’s done to return from last year’s season-ending injury:

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli raved about Urlacher’s supreme confidence.

“One thing about [Urlacher], the first thing he brings is a presence into the huddle and a confidence. He’s strong in the huddle, and he is a physical player, now,” Marinelli said. “He is very physical, knows exactly what to do, all those things.”

Smith thinks Urlacher is having the best training camp of his career.

“It’s just how physical he’s been, taking on blocks, using his hands, his quickness,” Smith said. “He’s had some special plays at camp using that speed that only Brian Urlacher has as a [middle] linebacker. So getting him back, watching him at camp it’s all those things we’re happy to see.”

Urlacher is 32 and his best years are likely behind him, but it’s certainly possible for him to come back and be an impact player this season. The Bears could use that.