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Beckham Likely To Miss Tuesday Night's Game

From the Sun-Times:

The injury was diagnosed as a moderate right groin strain, and the Sox wanted to be cautious with Beckham rather than throw him out there in the finale against the Baltimore Orioles and risk losing him for longer.

‘’Yeah, I’d rather sit out another game here to make sure I’m healthy and ready to go the rest of the time,’’ Beckham said.

Manager Ozzie Guillen seemed to be completely in favor of the decision.

’’It’s a very important game, but I have to take [tonight’s] game as another one,‘’ Guillen said. ’’I’m not going to manage any different or play any different. I’m not going to move my rotation up and down because it’s the Twins. It’s just another game to go out and win.

‘’When you’re in first place, every game means a lot, no matter who you play against. I’m not going to take it any different.

‘’Gordon, I will wait to see how he’s moving around and how he feels.’’