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Bears Focusing On Defensive Scoring During Training Camp

Since Lovie Smith joined the Bears in 2004, he has brought a philosophy that the defense can score just as well as the offense. According to a story on, the Bears are 10-0 in the last five years when the team scores defensive touchdowns. Charles Tillman, who has last year’s only defensive touchdown (against the Cleveland Browns), leads all active Bears players with four.

“In order to score on defense, it takes not just one man but it takes all 11 people,” Tillman said. “When I did get that interception and scored, I wouldn’t have got it without Mark Anderson. He got pressure on the quarterback and forced the quarterback to throw a wobbly ball. I was in position and caught the ball, but it wasn’t just me. [Adewale Ogunleye], Lance [Briggs] and the other [eight guys] blocked their [butts] off for me so I could get in the end zone.”

The key is having the mentality to think like an offensive player. Since 2004, the Bears have generated 200 takeaways, the most in the NFL since that time.

“He wants us to score,” Tillman said. “You know the attitude defense wins games? That’s what he’s trying to bring back. The whole Monsters of the Midway, that’s his style. That’s what he wants. He wants to score. He wants to win.”