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Zambrano Throwing 'On His Own' reports that Z has begun throwing on his own but is not on any sort of official program nor timetable:

“We can’t do anything until the people who are looking at it give us the OK,” Piniella said. “Larry’s got a contingent plan made, assuming we get the OK soon.”

Zambrano was examined by doctors assigned by Major League Baseball and the Players Association. He was in Chicago to undergo treatment. Piniella said Zambrano has been throwing. When the Cubs get the go-ahead, expect the right-hander to go to Mesa, Ariz., and workout at the team’s facility there.

“He can play catch,” Piniella said. “He’s been throwing. But we’re talking about on an assignment program.”

Zambrano wasn’t supposed to return until after the All-Star break, but that’s now less than a week away. We await developments.