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Mark Cuban On Where LeBron's Going

OK, just ONE more update, and this one, from Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, has more sense than all the 6700 others put together:

If Lebron announces Miami, all the sports media who reported the same get to write “i told you so”. The people in Miami smile. Maybe some have a cuba libre and go about their business. The phones ring and the Heat sell a bunch of tickets. Pat Riley buys some hair gel. Erik Spolestra stresses about what happens if they dont win this year. Everyone starts telling lies about how such and such player would love to play for the minimum salary to play with the Golden Triangle.

On the flip side, If he says he is going back to the Cavs there are parties in the streets, horns honking, people kissing strangers. Art Modell sneaks into the state and gets a kiss. Everyone’s wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend all the sudden become prettier that night. People are pouring out in the street as if a war had ended. Instead of an infamous picture of a sailor kissing a young lady , there will be a picture of a couple, both in Lebron James Cavs jerseys kissing in the middle of the street. A photo passed through the internet as a momento of a moment in time that in the big picture means nothing, but for tonight means everything.

Which is exactly why I think he is going back to the Cavs. The sports world is full of uncertainties. When in doubt, go for the love.

We’ll see. Right now this one makes more sense than anything else, even if it is, like the rest of ‘em, pure speculation. (Oh, and Mark? It’s “memento”, not “momento”.)