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Thursday Afternoon LeBron Rumor Roundup

As I posted this morning, I think this whole thing borders on theater of the absurd. No, on second thought, that’s an insult to theaters of the absurd.

But if you are still following breathlessly each and every update, here are a few.

He’s going to Miami. (ESPN)

Multiple sources say he’s going to Miami. (Newsday)

The Heat have already sold out 2010-11 season tickets (Miami Herald)

He’s staying in Cleveland (

He’s going to the Knicks (this is absurd, but it’s out there – ESPN)

Back to the Heat again! (LA Times)

His best shot at a title is Chicago, but he might not go there, and what would Michael Jordan have done? (Sam Smith,

CAA, his agency, knows, but they’re not telling — supposedly (LA Times)

Ugh. That’s enough, I think. As of 3:25 pm CDT, searching Google News comes up with almost 6700 hits for “LeBron”.

And in reality, only one person knows the truth.