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Carlos Boozer Will Meet Chicago Media At 3 P.M. Friday

Via Chicago Breaking Sports:

Boozer, who will be introducted to the Chicago media at a 3 p.m. Friday news conference at the Berto Center, played one season with James in Cleveland and has been trying to recruit him to come to Chicago.

“I’m hearing the reports about him going down to South Beach, but hopefully we can sway his opinion and get him up here,” said Boozer, adding that he sent James a text message Wednesday. “I told him with DRose at the one, him at the two, Luol (Deng) at the three, me at the four and Jo (Joakim Noah) at the five, we could be one of the best teams of all time. But he has to make his own decision.”

“I’m going to text him again this morning and see what his reply might be. If we get him, we could rival one of the best teams of all time and be able to put together championship after championship. If we don’t get him, we’ll compete against him and we’ll bring it to him.”

Boozer said James texted back to him that he was “weighing between two different teams.”

Well. That last paragraph gives us at least a bit more than the outright speculation that’s gone on most of this week.

Here’s some outright speculation on the two teams: Bulls and Cavaliers. We’ll see tonight.