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Peavy Faces Possible Season-Ending Surgery

This Sun-Times blog post has the grim details:

“It doesn’t happen a whole lot,‘’ Peavy said of the prognosis. "We’re going to see a couple doctors, and that’s advised by our doctors because our doctor simply hasn’t seen a lot of this. He hasn’t really seen this at all. I’m going to see Dr. Andrews in Birmingham and consult with [Lewis] Yocum and get a lot of opinions to get the best way to handle this.

“Obviously surgery looks the way we probably have to go. And if that is, we’ll just ride it. We did all we could do. We fought this and fought it. I was honest with you guys, telling you we had some problems and we tried to fight it. We fought through it. Got through it on a good note and got on a good stretch. Felt good enough to pitch and was getting guys out. Just unfortunate that this was the first time in my career this happened.’’