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Carlos Boozer's Contract May Be Worth Less Than Originally Reported

ESPN had originally reported that Carlos Boozer would be signed to a five-year deal worth $80 million, though’s Sam Smith has confirmed it to be less.

Sources have confirmed the Bulls have reached an agreement with Carlos Boozer on a five-year contract worth about $75 million.

Smith also reports that LeBron James is till a possibility.

Sources say the Bulls have not given up on the possibility of attracting James, who is not apparently fully set on his decision.

With Bosh and Wade teaming up in Miami, now that the Bulls have Boozer, the Bulls can make the strong case they have ample cap room to pay James a full max salary for five years and he can join Rose, Deng, Boozer, Gibson and Noah, a far stronger roster than anyone else can put on the court now.

If James wants to win a championship, Chicago is looking a lot more attractive today than it did yesterday.