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Could Kenny Williams Kiss A Frog And Win A Prince?

In his Monday, July 5, post yesterday on the Daily Herald’s “Chicago’s Inside Pitch” blog, Scot Gregor mentioned that, as Adam-Dunn-to-the Sox rumors fade, Prince Fielder rumors may begin to materialize.

As of this writing, the Brewers are languishing more than 10 games back in the NL Central. (But a game ahead of the Cubs!) And it’s doubtful the team will be able to pony up the cash for Prince when he becomes a free agent in 2012. They’d most likely ask for young pitching from the White Sox.

The Sox, however, would have serious competition if they wish to hold on to Fielder long term. Prince will be one of the youngest free agents on the market in 2012 and will likely look for another job as a first baseman (not a DH). He could be a great fit for the Cubs, who should be able to afford him and more than likely will no longer have Derrek Lee on the roster at that time.