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Adam Dunn To Sox? Not So Fast; Williams 'Cool' On Possible Dunn Deal

According to Joe Cowley in the Sun-Times, Sox GM Kenny Williams is now backing off on possible acquisitions:

According to a source Monday, general manager Ken Williams has cooled on the pursuit of the Washington Nationals slugger for the time being, partially because of the initial asking price.

Williams seems willing to sit back and watch what the rest of the market does for Dunn, as well as explore other options.

And manager Ozzie Guillen says the Sox might not have to do anything:

‘’We don’t make moves to make people happy, we make moves for what we need,‘’ Guillen said. ’’It’s not necessary to make a move and lose three, four, five players just for one guy and hope we can win. That’s not the way we do business. We’re going to do business with what we think we need for this ballclub.

‘’I know he’s working on it. Kenny and [assistant GM] Rick [Hahn] have the chance to watch everybody in Major League Baseball. I don’t. I only watch this ballclub. They can watch everything, and they have a better idea than us. When that particular thing comes, they have a good idea about what they need.

‘’Right now, we’re fine. We’re playing the way we think we’re going to play. Hopefully, we don’t need anyone. That’s hopefully because all of a sudden something’s missing with this ballclub. Right now, we’re not missing too much.’’

The non-waiver trading deadline is 25 days away.