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The Tuesday LeBron Media Guessing Game

This is what it’s come down to — major media writers and columnists having to produce material, and having no new information or facts, they resort to outright making stuff up.

Example #1: John Jackson in the Sun-Times:

Still, the longer it takes Wade and James to make a decision, the more likely it becomes that they’ll stay put. That’s just a feeling I have.

Both are intrigued by the possibilities of playing elsewhere and are seriously considering leaving. But the longer it takes to pull the trigger on a decision to go, the more the emotions of being loyal to their current teams will tug at their hearts.

So if you’re a Bulls fans hoping to land Wade or James, you probably should be rooting for them to make a decision right now.

Jackson even admits he’s guessing:

That’s just a feeling I have.

Well, great. I have a feeling LeBron might have a Big Mac for lunch. Does that mean I’m right?

Example #2: Rick Morrissey didn’t have any real information either for his Sun-Times column, so he decided to make irrelevant comparisons:

Jump to 2016. (This column apparently has been hijacked by the producers of ‘’Back to the Future.’‘) Derrick Rose is a free agent, and he has a choice of max contracts because he’s the best player in the NBA. Under this scenario, the Bulls failed to land James or any of the superstar free agents back in 2010, and Rose has toiled on decent teams that never could seem to lure enough talent to get the job done.

The kid from Simeon High School is pondering leaving the only city he knows, in the same way the kid from St. Vincent- St. Mary High School in Akron had pondered bolting the state of Ohio in 2010.

Now are you feeling what Cleveland is feeling? It’s not too much fun, is it?

It used to be said that you could at least use newspapers to wrap fish. I think the fish would be insulted.

And we have at least two more days of this. Unless James or Bosh or [insert name of free agent here] decides to do what Amar’e Stoudemire did, and announce his decision in advance of the first signing date on Thursday.

That could happen. Or not. Anything else is just guessing.