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Where's LeBron Going? If You Think You Know... You're Just Guessing

Rick Morrissey in today’s Sun-Times says no matter what you think you know about LeBron, you’re probably wrong:

LeBron is leaning toward staying in Cleveland and trying to sell Bosh on joining him, a source familiar with LeBron’s leanings say.

Stoudemire wants to go to the Knicks for the maximum contract, a source familiar with Stoudemire’s agent’s Social Security number, mother’s maiden name and deepest yearnings says.

The Knicks aren’t out of the LeBron sweepstakes, a source bearing a striking resemblance to a desperate Amar’e Stoudemire says.

Wade is carrying Bosh’s love child, sources close to Wade’s ex-wife says.

Somebody is wrong. Actually, a lot of somebodys are wrong.

People who are speaking for James likely are ill-informed or partially informed or in for the shock of their lives. The folks who are in James’ small, tight circle surely are taking their lead from him — and he’s not talking with media members, at least publicly.

We’re left to analyze the raw intelligence, and, so far, there hasn’t been enough to fill a shot glass.

I’m not usually a fan of Morrissey’s columns, but this time, he’s nailed it. No matter what gets tweeted and posted and shouted out the next few days, we’re only going to find out the truth when the players themselves announce it.