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Lovie Smith Optimistic About Bears Season

From Rick Morrissey’s column in the Sun-Times:

When a writer began a question with, ‘’Lovie, you’re an optimistic guy …‘’ the coach said, ’’Yes, I am.’’

That wasn’t the question, but it certainly was the correct answer.

Being optimistic is always the right thing to do on the opening day of training camp — why would you show up if you didn’t think you were going to win? — but sometimes Lovie takes it to extremes:

Jay Cutler’s 26 interceptions last season?

‘’You talk about the INTs, I talk about the touchdowns, all right?’’ Smith said. ‘’Everything around here is positive.’’

A positive atmosphere always helps. The Bears have improved themselves at several positions and Jay Cutler appears to be a man on a mission:

There is a noticeable difference in Jay Cutler this year. Just ask his teammates.

Like receiver Devin Hester, who figured the Bears quarterback would be relaxing the day before reporting to training camp Thursday. Instead, Cutler suggested the two throw some balls at Halas Hall on Wednesday morning.

“I see more of a leader,‘’ Hester said. "Me and him, one on one, went at it for about 45 minutes. Then after we finished throwing, I see him up there on the treadmill. I see him doing whatever it takes.’’

Or right tackle Frank Omiyale, who grew accustomed to Cutler being one of the first in the weight room this offseason.

“I have seen Jay around the facility a lot more,‘’ Omiyale said. "Some mornings, he was beating me there.’’

Now, all Cutler and his teammates have to do is translate that work to results on the field.