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After A So-So Workout, Bulls Not Expected To Sign Tracy McGrady

Eyewitness reports from Tracy McGrady’s workout with the Chicago Bulls yesterday have hit the press, and they’re far from glowing. Indeed, it appears as though McGrady failed to impress the Bulls. From K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

According to two people who witnessed the workout, McGrady shot the ball well but didn’t move with much fluidity or exhibit superior conditioning. Andy Greer, who served as an assistant with the Rockets along with coach Tom Thibodeau when McGrady played there, led the workout.

Those two coaches’ familiarity with McGrady, as well as [Derrick] Rose’s public lobbying for him that stems, in part, from their shared agency, represent McGrady’s best chance at landing a Bulls offer. Yet no definitive decision has been made, and one league source who spoke with Bulls management said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Bulls passed.

John Jackson of the Chicago Sun-Times, meanwhile, seems to believe the issue has more to do with McGrady’s personality than his physical ability:

During his workout Monday at the Berto Center, Tracy McGrady showed he has made physical progress since last season and is capable of being a contributor to the Bulls next season, according to a source.

But despite the seven-time All-Star being physically able to fill the secondary bench role the team is looking for, the Bulls’ brass isn’t yet convinced McGrady will be a good fit after meeting with him following the workout the source said.

If Marc Stein’s initial report about McGrady’s workout is to be believed, the Bulls would have signed him on the spot had he impressed them enough. But he didn’t, and now it appears as though both parties will look elsewhere. With only Luol Deng, Kyle Korver, and Ronnie Brewer available to play the wing positions, the Bulls will look for another swingman. McGrady still needs a team.