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Report: McGrady Could Sign As Soon As Monday

ESPN Chicago reports:

The Bulls are prepared to sign Tracy McGrady if he proves to be sufficiently healthy in a workout Monday and can convince the team he is willing to accept a bench role, one source familiar with Chicago’s thinking said Sunday.

“Nothing is done until it’s done, but I expect the Bulls to sign McGrady later this week,” the source said.

Another unknown is what kind of contract McGrady can command from the Bulls. But McGrady has said money and years are not priorities after earning nearly $23 million last season with Houston and New York.

The article goes on to say that Derrick Rose would like to see McGrady in a Bulls uniform.

Ten years ago, then-Bulls GM Jerry Krause wooed McGrady with a dog-and-pony show at O’Hare Airport:

In the summer of 2000, McGrady was feted at his gate by the Luvabulls, a band playing “Sweet Home Chicago” and Benny the Bull. All they were missing were some fire-eaters and snake charmers. And, oh yeah, a shot at landing him.

McGrady isn’t the player he was then, but he’d be a nice complementary player on the Bulls’ bench. We’ll update this StoryStream with more information as it’s available on the Bulls’ roster retooling this offseason.