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Zambrano Must Apologize To Cubs Teammates Before Return In Colorado

Carlos Zambrano will be given the chance to apologize to his teammates before facing the media on his return to the team:

“I think it’s more important for him to clear that hurdle first,” Piniella said of the apology. “And once he does that, then talk to the media. I think that’s the right approach from him…We’re just going to let him talk to the team, whatever he wants to say. Whenever he gets here, we’ll have a little meeting and let Carlos say what he needs to say.”

Piniella has not spoken to Zambrano, and neither have his most of teammates, with the exception of Ted Lilly.

Zambrano still will undergo anger-management sessions at various times the rest of the season, sources said, and the Cubs remain extra cautious about his comeback.

Zambrano is expected to make one or two more appearances for Triple-A Iowa before joining the Cubs in Denver for their series against the Rockies, which begins Friday, July 30.