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VIDEO: Lou Piniella Announces Retirement At Press Conference

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella announced Tuesday afternoon in a press conference that he plans to retire at the end of the season following a career that spanned 40 years in Major League Baseball as a player and manager.

During the press conference, Piniella mentioned that he had talked with former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre and current Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox, both of whom also had successful managerial careers before announcing plans to retire during their last season.

Piniella also alluded to the fact that managing the Cubs was a "unique challenge" in that Chicago is "a big market town, big market team and people want you to win."

"They haven't won here in a long time, and you can't blame them for that," Piniella told the press, "But at the same time, everybody's trying. Sooner or later, they'll break that barn door down and win a world championship here."