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Byrd, Thornton Play Key Roles In NL All-Star Win

The MLB All-Star Game ended in a National League victory for the first time in 14 years, a 3-1 victory sealed by the Braves’ Brian McCann, who hit a bases-clearing double in the seventh inning.

But it was Chicago players who helped set the scene for that dramatic hit. The White Sox’ Matt Thornton had the Cubs’ Marlon Byrd at an 0-2 count with two out, but walked him to load the bases just before McCann’s hit.

Then, in the ninth inning with David Ortiz on first base, John Buck hit a short fly ball into right field that Byrd couldn’t catch. But Ortiz had held up, and Byrd managed to throw him out in a force play at second base. One out later, the NL had its first win since 1996 and, thus, home field advantage for the NL winner in the World Series.