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Blackhawks Free Agent Adam Burish Signs With Stars

Via NBC Sports, we learn that Adam Burish has signed with the Dallas Stars for $2.3 million. The article makes this cogent observation:

While the Dallas Stars feature a nice collection of productive forwards, they could use a little more elbow grease. Adam Burish could flourish if he’s the “dirty work” guy on a talented Stars line, much like he often did in Chicago (when he wasn’t in the doghouse).

It does, however, show the interesting effect a championship can have on the reputations of its support players. Teams must wrestle with logical tug-of-wars, particularly this debate: would Player X thrive with bigger minutes or does he just seem more promising because he was part of a great organization?

Will Burish have the same impact on the Stars as he had on the Hawks? And will the Hawks be able to replace him? Stay tuned.