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Sporting News: What The Flyers Must Do To Win

Here’s what Craig Custance of the Sporting News says the Flyers will have to do to force a Game 7:

Leighton rebounds: He’s 6-0 at home in the postseason and extra motivated after getting pulled in Game 5. “You want to prove them wrong and jump back in and play well,” he said.

Pronger is Pronger: Chris Pronger was on the ice for six Game 5 Blackhawks goals, and in the penalty box for the other. But he’ll be ready. “I think everybody in the locker room understands what’s at stake,” he said.

The captain leads the way: Mike Richards wasn’t good in Game 5 and his coach expects better. “Mike Richards has proven to be … a big-time player,” Peter Laviolette said. “I would expect a big game from Mike.”

Tall order, I’d say. But Cup finals have a way of going seven games. We’ll see in a few hours.