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Analysis: Why Thibodeau Is The Right Choice, Part Trois

The praise for the Bulls' hire of Tom Thibodeau just keeps rolling in. Matt Moore of FanHouse explains how Thibodeau's attitude and approach will impact the team:

From a personality and motivational standpoint, you have to think Thibodeau is exactly what the doctor ordered for [Derrick] Rose. Thibs is notorious for his rants and hollering on the sideline. Rose, who often seems too quiet and reserved, could use someone like Thibodeau to challenge him. Because in the moments when we've really seen him angered and motivated, he's responded with a ferocity that leaves you begging for more. Versus Vinny Del Negro's calm, relaxed, almost zen like approach that many said the Bulls tuned out, Thibodeau is likely to get up in his star player's chest, having coached Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins. Thibodeau won't be afraid of any glares from Rose, and could push him to commit to the game like he hasn't before. And that's a terrifying thought for the Bulls' opponents.