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Analysis: Why Thibodeau Is The Right Choice, Part Deux

John Jackson at the Sun-Times says Thibodeau is simply the best man for the job:

As hard as it might be for some to believe, the Bulls actually selected Thibodeau to be their next coach because they were impressed with his basketball knowledge during the interview, felt his vast experience in the NBA would be an asset and believe he’s ready to be a head coach.

Refreshing. Sure, it’d be nice if Thibodeau’s connection to LeBron James’ agents’ company would help bring LeBron to the Bulls. But Jackson sums it up neatly:

The fact that Bulls identified their guy and moved quickly to get him is a positive — and certainly an improvement over the last coaching search two years ago. And unlike Vinny Del Negro two years ago, the Bulls believe the adjustment period for Thibodeau will be short because of his vast experience on NBA benches.