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MLB Draft Day: Sox Pick 13th, Cubs Pick 16th

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Today's the MLB Rule 4 Draft, officially known as the "First-Year Player Draft." The Washington Nationals have the first pick for the second year in a row and will be, from all reports, selecting uber-teenager Bryce Harper.

When it gets down to the White Sox and Cubs choices, at 13th and 16th respectively, it's anyone's guess. As you might know, unlike the NFL and NBA drafts, most players chosen by MLB teams have several years of apprenticeship in the minor leagues before they ever see a major league field. Gordon Beckham, who made the Sox last year only a year after being picked No. 8 out of South Carolina, is struggling; Andrew Cashner, the Cubs' top pick in 2008, was just recalled to make his major league debut.

So a few years from now, you may hear about the 2010 Cubs and Sox first round picks -- or not. For more detailed information on who our teams might choose, here are some places with expert analysis: MLB Draft Story Steam (for a national perspective):

2010 MLB Draft, Day One: One Bryce Harper, And 49 Non-Bryce Harpers -
Herein find all the necessary coverage of the first day of the 2010 MLB Draft. From pick #1 to pick #50, we'll have live updates and relevant information.

And here's a couple of mock draft from some serious experts:

Another Final Mock Draft - Minor League Ball
Revised Final Mock Draft Update The Mock First Round I posted on Thursday is already obsolete with recent developments. Things remain in flux and rumors abound. Here is my "another final take" on things. Keep in mind that this list could still become outdated very quickly, and it is best to stay abreast of current rumors. This will probably look stupid in seven hours, but here goes.

Mock Draft #8 - First Round - MLB Bonus Baby
It's time for another mock draft, as things are starting to really get moving. Teams are in draft meetings now, so a lot will be changing, but follow the jump after the first pick to see how things are standing now.

As the Cubs and White Sox make their choices, we'll update this stream tonight and over the next couple of days as the draft continues.