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Pierzynski Wouldn't Veto A Trade

A.J. Pierzynski is one of the names that have come up in recent trade rumors, especially since he was scouted by the Rangers. Pierzynski is also one of the players whose impending 10/5 rights would make it possible for him to veto any deal that Kenny Williams managed to swing.

It seems, though, that even though A.J. would like to continue to play in Chicago, he’s not going to veto a trade if it’s in the best interests of the Sox or gives him a shot at playing in the postseason this year (something he almost certainly won’t get with the south siders in 2010).

Scott Merkin has the scoop,

“Obviously, if the White Sox aren’t where we want to be and a team has a chance for the playoffs and to win the World Series and they come and say, ‘Hey, we need a catcher,’ it would be hard to say no to that,” Pierzynski said. "How would you go about that? That’s something [where] my love for Chicago and this organization would be a deciding factor, but it’s hard as a player to say no.