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Welcome To SB Nation Chicago

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So, you're wondering, just what is SB Nation Chicago, the newest entry into the competitive field of Chicago sports media?

We are one of six regional sites launched by SB Nation late last night; the others are in Washington, Boston, Detroit, New York, and Arizona. 14 more sites will be coming throughout the rest of the month of June, covering sports in 20 different regions of the USA. This morning, Paid Content and the New York Times have articles about what all this means, and interviews with our CEO, Jim Bankoff, and editorial director Tyler Bleszinski.

SB Nation Chicago is not a replacement for our great local team blogs: Bleed Cubbie Blue,Second City Hockey, Blog-a-Bull, Windy City Gridiron, South Side Sox, and Sippin' on Purple. We'll continue to build on our foundation, which includes 260 fan-focused blogs worldwide and the mothership, SB Nation Chicago will stick to the same principle that guides all our sites: to provide Chicago sports coverage as it happens from the grassroots, fan perspective that has made SB Nation so successful.

Follow me past the jump for more details on what you'll find here on a daily basis.

A unique feature of that we will also be using here at SB Nation Chicago is the "StoryStream™". This feature will allow you to follow stories, or live games, as they unfold, with updates added to each stream. For live games, you'll see a preview, followed by a link to the team blog for discussion, then a recap when it's over. For big games like last night's big Blackhawks win in Game Five of the Stanley Cup Finals, the StoryStream™ may turn into a live blog.

Every day we'll feature the "Starting Lineup", a collection of five interesting links relating to Chicago sports. They could be a column from a newspaper's site, an article about a game, or maybe even a tweet you missed.

The section of the site in which you're reading this commentary, The Deep Dish, will feature short-form commentaries from me and the other site editors on newsy or offbeat things we find each day regarding the sports world -- "Live-blogging the sports day", as the tagline on that link states. Some of the commentaries, like this one, might be a little longer; most of them will be quick takes.

We'll also be posting longer-form feature articles, like this one about the Northwestern women's lacrosse team, on topics of timely interest. I don't have a specific schedule for these as of now; we're all hoping to keep them fresh and current. Over the next weeks and months I hope to add some more featured writers.

Finally, content from all the Chicago team blogs mentioned above will be prominently featured on SB Nation Chicago. If you have news tips, or want to contact us about contributing, please email chicago (at) sbnation (dot) com.

And welcome! With our city on the verge of its first Stanley Cup championship in 49 years, it's an exciting time to be a sports fan in Chicago.