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Bulls Confirm Interest In Thibodeau

Via this Sun-Times article, it appears Thibodeau is the guy the Bulls want:

The Bulls’ meeting with Thibodeau was relatively short. They’ll probably have to wait until the Finals are over before having a more extensive interview, but they are content to wait now that they know he won’t be accepting another job in the interim.

The emergence of Thibodeau as the likely front-runner for the Bulls’ job is a little surprising since they entered the coaching search looking for someone with head-coaching experience. But his reputation as a solid coach with a strong defensive mind always intrigued them.

The major issue is whether the Bulls believe Thibodeau can successfully make the transition from assistant to head coach. Some who know him wonder if he has the personality necessary to deal with players as a head coach where motivation often is more important than X’s and O’s.

Thibodeau, though, will get an opportunity to dispel that belief when he sits down with Forman, Paxson and possibly chairman Jerry Reinsdorf when the Finals conclude.