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The Bears On WGN-TV: It's Happening, But NOT For The First Time

Via this FanPost on Windy City Gridiron, we learn that the Bears/Dolphins game this fall, to be carried on the NFL Network on November 18, will be broadcast over-the-air on WGN (locally in Chicago only, not on the national feed) for those who either don’t have cable or don’t have the NFL Network.


This is standard practice for the NFL for cable games, but it will not be the first time the Bears will appear on WGN-TV. It also happened on October 21, 1973. NBC, who carried AFC teams' games in those days, was committed to televising the seventh game of the World Series that afternoon — in an era when most WS games were still day games — and so they farmed the telecast out to local stations in Chicago and Boston, including the pre-national-cable WGN.


There were few protests, if any, of that move. The 1-4 Bears, who finished the ’73 season 3-11, lost to the 1-4 Patriots 13-10.


It was a different era.