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Cubs Step Up To Help Jesse White Tumblers

Recently, the Jesse White Tumblers, a group formed many years ago by now-Secretary of State Jesse White, had their drums damaged in a flood and discarded, forcing them to miss a Memorial Day parade for the first time in 47 years.


Tom Ricketts and the Cubs have stepped up and donated $4,000 to buy them new drums.


What I did not know before, and learned in that article, is that White played for seven seasons in the Cubs’ minor league system in the 1960’s. His minor league record shows an outfielder who didn’t hit much, but could run, stealing 20+ bases three times. His late start (he was drafted into the Army and didn’t play until he was 24) probably prevented him from ever getting major league time, even though the Cubs in that era were a pretty bad team. He played three years in Triple-A.