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Sox Scouting Nationals' Adam Dunn

The Sun-Times reports that the Sox’ interest in Adam Dunn may be heating up:

The Sun-Times first reported late Monday that the Sox have been coveting Washington Nationals left-handed slugger Adam Dunn and, according to sources, that names had been talked about.

While it’s unlike Williams to leave fingerprints on a possible trade target, the market for Dunn seems to be escalating quickly — enough so that Washington media were reporting the Sox had a scout at the Nationals-Braves game Tuesday in Atlanta.

Dunn would be a perfect fit for the Sox at DH. where Andruw Jones and Mark Kotsay have been a less-than-productive platoon. It may be too early to make a deal — the deadline is a month away — but if the Sox stay near first place in the AL Central, Kenny Williams has never been shy about making a move he thinks will help his team.