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A Psychiatrist's View Of Carlos Zambrano

The Chicago Sun-Times spoke to sports psychiatrist Dr. Robert Burton, who had these thoughts about Carlos Zambrano’s situation:

Burton said emotions often are part of an athlete’s makeup.

‘’Athletes use their emotion to fuel their performance,’’ he said. ’’Each preferably has an optimal state you try to achieve, but it also requires him to manage it in a setting that is best for the team.

‘’And in a team sport, the important part is also getting along with the team. There’s obviously a dynamic on the team that allows for certain behavior — but gross outbursts [like fights] aren’t going to be well received.

’’It’s a good idea to let him be away from the team for a while.’’

Zambrano may still need to be traded for the team’s — and his — own good, but now he will be able to get help so he can channel those emotions into his performance rather than angry tirades.