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LeBron To Be Courted By Reinsdorf, Forman, Paxson And Thibodeau

When the NBA free-agent signing period begins late tonight, the Bulls will pull out all the stops to sign LeBron James:

League sources said the Bulls’ traveling party to Ohio is expected to include team Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, senior vice president John Paxson, general manager Gar Forman and possibly Thibodeau. A rumor that former great Scottie Pippen would attend couldn’t be corroborated, though there has been contact between the organization and its six-time NBA champion.

Those sources did indicate the Bulls plan to discuss global business and marketing opportunities off the court with James, who calls business titans such as Warren Buffet friends. In this manner, the meeting will be about basketball and business.

The article says that the Bulls’ meeting with James is expected to come on Friday.