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Cubs And Sox Fans Share Common Gripe

This can't be right. For once, the North and South sides may actually have something in common. It appears many fans of both the Cubs and Sox (in alphabetical order to be fair) want their managers replaced. What? That's right. Fans are griping about the same things -- the managing, or lack of.

Social media sites and some bloggers have been vocal about wanting Lou Piniella fired, and soon. A couple of nights ago fans turned to Twitter to vent. Last year's "Lou Moments," as his lack of judgment was called, have turned into total apathy this year, which was pointed out in a column that appeared on

"It isn't about the fire Lou showed in his younger years that's missing with this team; it's the apathy he projects toward the team and various players that appears to be the problem. That apathy is starting to filter down the ranks. When you manager doesn't seem to care, isn't managing the team and just goes through the motions without making key moves during g key points in the game, what are the players to do?"

Even some mainstream columnists have started to write that it's time for Lou to go if the team doesn't turn around soon. Ken Rosenthal recently said that perhaps it was time to replace Lou with Alan Trammell. While that may not be the best choice for the Cubs this year, something has to be done.

"Managers, though, rarely are fired for a specific litany of sins. They're fired, more often than not, when teams need a new energy, a new start."

The Cubs absolutely need a new start.

And what about the White Sox? There are some who are getting tired of Ozzie Guillen and his lack of managing. The game seems to be more about Ozzie and his most recent outbursts, which when looked at carefully would have gotten any other manager fired on the spot. With Ozzie, it's not apathy; he goes to bat, if you will, for his players, hence some of the outbursts. Ozzie's problem seems to be lack of judgment with how to approach the game and how to best use his players. Bleacher Report notes:

"... given all the evidence-the overused ‘small ball' tactics and the myriad of bad lineups and horrible playing time distribution, horrible pitchers getting too many innings-should Ozzie Guillen be fired?

It is a simple question, with a surprisingly simple answer: yes; with a pink slip containing bold-faced type the likes of which no one has ever seen, yes.

The next question then becomes, who would replace Ozzie?

When the Cubs and White Sox meet in the first part of the BP Crosstown Cup in a couple of weeks, perhaps some of the rivalry will be put aside as fans commiserate over each of the managers instead of pushing each other's buttons about who has the better team. Nah, the rivalry goes too deep.