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MLB Tonight's Kevin Millar On Zambrano

On MLB Tonight on the MLB Network Monday evening, analyst Kevin Millar — who was in spring training camp with the Cubs this year — had this to say about Carlos Zambrano’s suspension and what might come next:

I think he wants to heal the situation, whether he remains a Chicago Cub or not. Who knows if the wounds are too deep? Who knows? That’s Jim Hendry’s job. But see this is the problem: we give huge contracts to players and now we think ‘Oh, that equals leadership,’ or, “If a guy’s doing well, that equals leadership.’ That’s not the case. You create these monsters through organizations and Carlos Zambrano’s Carlos Zambrano. I think they knew this was an intense guy, I think they knew this guy who dances to a different beat at times, but he’s not a bad human being by any means.