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Zambrano Decision Expected Soon

Paul Sullivan says a decision on Carlos Zambrano’s status may come soon:

“Probably a four- or five-game suspension would suffice,” he said. “As much attention as the incident received in Chicago, you really can’t justify a suspension of more than that for acting like a goof and arguing with a teammate.”

Zambrano already has served two games of the suspension. General manager Jim Hendry said he expects to hear from Major League Baseball and the players union today or Tuesday on how long the indefinite suspension can last.

There is one further option the Cubs have, as Sullivan writes:

The Cubs’ chances of putting Zambrano on the restricted list - where he wouldn’t be paid or credited with service time - appears slim. The Cubs would be able to call someone up from the minors to replace Zambrano if he was on the restricted list, but will have to play one man short as long as he’s on the suspended list.