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Zambrano Blames Derrek Lee For Friday's Incident

Gordon Wittenmyer’s Sun-Times article claims Zambrano told friends it was Lee’s fault:

Zambrano already is calling his actions Friday ‘’completely misunderstood’’ and blaming Derrek Lee for turning it into a big deal by confronting him during his ranting and raving after the White Sox’ four-run first inning.

‘’All he wanted to do was pump the team up. It was completely misunderstood,’’ a source close to Zambrano said, adding that Lee ‘’took it personal’’ and told Zambrano to ‘’shut the f—- up.’’

Yet team sources say Zambrano’s rant – much of which was in Spanish – included yelling, ‘’This team is horse s—- !’’

That’s when Lee is caught on camera intervening and telling Zambrano to shut up.

They had to be separated.